STORY: Through A Fishbowl Clearly (Mg,inc,pedo,cons,fetish)
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2006-05-31 11:33:50 UTC
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WARNING: The following fictional tale tells the story of a sexual
encounter between an adult male and his 8-year-old niece. It also
contains scenes of foot fetishism and pantyhose/tights fetishism. If
topics of incest, pedophilia, foot/tights fetish and fish scare you or
are illegal to read about in your neck of the woods then please read no
further. But then again, if I meant that, then probably no one would
read my story so belay that last warning. Go ahead, read on. No one
know. No one can hear you read in space. Or something to that effect.

Through a Fishbowl Clearly

by kids_at_play

(Mg, inc, cons, mast, foot/tights fetish)

I had a full day planned out. A few sales calls with several clients in
the morning, some office calls in the office in the afternoon, followed
by some public-relations events in the early evening. I was out of bed
before the sun rose
and showered, shaved and dressed, putting on my finest suit coat and
tie. I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased with what looked
back at me. A reasonably handsome face, average, I'd guess; nothing
outstanding or what you'd call hunky but an okay-looking guy. Dark
hair parted on the left. Green eyes staring back at me. I saw a
well-dressed, well-groomed 35-year-old man standing in my place. With a
lot of things to do. So I'd better get a move on.

Grabbing my keys I headed for the front door and just as I was about to
open it the phone rang. It was my sister, who lived about 5 minutes
me. She was 26 years old and a single mom with an 8-year-old daughter,
my niece Beth. My sister had married young and a year after Beth was
born her husband up and left her. She raised Beth all by herself and
done a pretty good job of it, too.

My sister had a favor to ask of me. Would I please take Beth into town
with me on my way to work? Lynn, that was my sister's name, had an
appointment she couldn't cancel and Beth was going to spend the day at
her grandmother's, mine and Lynn's mother.

Jokingly I said, "What do I get out of it if I do?"

"You get me for an evening of fun!" my sister replied in a wink.

Lynn and I had been bantering with this sexual innuendo for years since
her husband had left.
And although I knew that my sister wasn't serious about the things she
said it stirred fantasies in me that I always took what she said as the
truth. But I never let her know that. After all, it was just a fantasy.

"Okay, you're on!" I told her teasingly.

"You'll never be the same man after I'm through with you," Lynn added

My sister was also average-looking, although to me she was beautiful.
Lynn had red curly hair
which framed a cute little round face with a button nose. I'd had a
crush on her ever since I was a teenager. And now the thought of her
"doing things" with me left me with a very intense sexual longing for
sister. But I knew it to be her way of coping with being alone so I let
it pass.

I told her that I knew she was joking but that I'd be glad to give Beth
a ride. My sister insisted that she wasn't kidding but I brushed it off
as more of her banter and said I'd pick up Beth in about 5 minutes.
thanked me and hung

On the drive over to my sister's house, I mentally juggled the
agenda. It was still early, almost 8:30, and my first client stop
until 9:30. I had time to pick my niece up and take her in town to my
mother's and still be able to drive back out to my first client of the
day. No problem.

I pulled in front of my sister's house and Beth was already standing by
the curb waiting for me. She looked almost like her mother. Just a
smaller version. Bright red hair, full and curly and bouncy. Beautiful,
like her mother. She was short for her age, standing at just over 3 and
a half feet tall. This made her look younger than her 8 years of age.

She was standing by the curb, a small purse dangling from one shoulder,
holding a fishbowl in her hands. With fish in it. Full of water, of
course. She was wearing a blue print dress, quite short, I noted, and a
pair of white tights.
As I pulled up to the curb I could see that her tights were white
cableknit tights, the lined kind.
I had a secret fetish for pantyhose and tights and even on a girl as
young as my niece those white cableknit tights threw me for a loop. My
niece was wearing my most favorite type of pantyhose/tights - next to
white patterned pantyhose/tights -- but that's another story.

I looked down at my niece's feet and saw that she was wearing what to
were the ultimate kind of shoes - Skimmers - which looked like
shoes only made out of leather and slipped on and off of your feet

Beth's were light blue, and matched her dress.
I stared at her for several seconds, unable to move or speak, until I
heard her say,

"Good Morning, Uncle Robert!"

"Oh, yes, um, Good Morning, Beth," I managed to say, snapping out of my
reverie. "What's with the fishbowl?" I asked her.

Just then my sister stuck her head out the front door of the house and
waved. Beth turned around and waved back, and I raised a hand in reply.
Lynn's body was half out of the door and I saw that she was wearing a
sweater and skirt with dark pantyhose. Oh my. God, she looked good.
Maybe I would take her up on that night of fun after all. Right. Only
my dreams.

I reached across the front seat and opened the door for Beth and
as she slid carefully into the front seat. I eyed her tights-covered
legs intently, savoring their sexiness. Her already-short dress rode up
her legs when she sat down, letting me see pretty much of her thighs in
her cableknit tights. Her knees shone
through the white cableknit hose.

She set the fishbowl carefully on her lap and shut the door. God, she
looked sweet sitting there. Her feet dangled above the carpeted floor
my car, not being able to touch the ground. Her blue Skimmers were
still; motionless. I was hoping that she might make them come off of
feet as she sat there, as that action typically excited me to no end.
But I guess I was hoping for too much.

I pointed to her seat belt and she looked at me as if to say "What?". I
realized then that she couldn't buckle herself up what with holding the
fishbowl in her lap so I leaned over and put the belt around her waist,
closing it snugly. As I did this, I felt her stomach, so soft and
pliant, through her pretty blue dress.

Beth smiled up at me and said, "Thanks!"

As I put the car in gear my niece finally answered my question.

"The fish are for Grandma. That's where you're taking me, in case you
didn't know."

"Your mom aready told me," I said. "But she didn't say anything about
another passenger."

"Huh?" my niece asked, looking at me quizically.

"The fish," I nodded, and she giggled. Such a sweet voice on her.

I pulled away from the curb and headed for town. It was a fifteen
drive as my sister and I lived out in the suburbs. As I drove, I would
glance over and down at Beth's feet, hoping to see some foot action.
cableknit tights looked so sexy on her legs.

I drove slowly and carefully so as not to spill the water or the fish
from the fishbowl. I looked over once at my niece's legs and saw that
she was swinging her feet back and forth in the air. She would move her
feet up and down using her ankle muscles. When she would put her toes
upwards, the backs of her Skimmers would slip off of her feet. The
tights-covered heels of her feet would be exposed to me. I loved that!
Oh, God, to see her whole foot without her shoe! I was dying.

Beth arched her feet again, and her light blue Skimmers came off of
feet, hanging in the air. I could see her heels and some of the bottoms
of her tights-covered feet. Beth used her foot muscles to slap her
shoes against her soles. This was very sexy to me! I felt my cock
in my slacks.

I tried to concentrate on my driving. I didn't want to crash the car
while sporting an erection.

I thought about what was happening to me. Yes, my niece's sexy tights
and foot play was turning me on. But she was just a little girl. Her
little girl legs were sexy to me. But I wasn't attracted to 8-year-old
girls. And on top of that she was my niece. But then again I did
entertain fantasies about my sister. But she was 26. Not 8. I was
confused. Confused by my feelings. But in the end I couldn't deny those
feelings. Not at all.

Beth closed her shoes on her feet, using her foot muscles to slip them
back into place. So sweet, so sexy, so fine. I looked over once and saw
my niece raise the side of her dress, itching her thigh on the outside.
I saw her tights-covered hip on the side, before she pushed her dress
back down. My 8-year-old niece was turning me on something fierce.

She looked at me staring at her, and I quickly looked away. Beth was
staring at me now and I could see her smiling brightly as we rode
My cock grew cramped in my pants crotch straining against the steering
wheel at the bottom. My erection was solid now, dying for release.

I glanced over at my niece and studied her. God, was she ever a pretty
young girl. Smooth skin, soft hair, nice legs. My!

"Uncle Robert?"

My niece's voice startled me out of my fantasy.

"Yes?" I answered.

"Can you pull over somewhere? I have to feed the fish."

"What?" I asked her.

"I have to feed them," she said.

"Why now?" I asked. "Can't you wait until you get to Grandma's to feed

"No, they're special fish," my niece informed me. "A special species.
They have to be fed a special food when they're out of their tank so
they can survive in this water. Please, Uncle Robert. It won't take
long, I promise!"

"Okay," I relented, and began looking for a suitable place to pull

I saw a deserted side road and pulled onto it, driving down it a bit so
we'd be off of the main road. I pulled beneath a big shade tree and
turned the car off.

"Where's the food?" I asked my niece.

"In my purse," Beth said, nodding towards her arm.

I slipped it off of her shoulder and down her arm, taking it off. I
opened it up and saw a can of fish food. I took it out and handed it to
She opened it and shook a few sprinkles of food into the water in the
fishbowl. The fish therein dived at it and ate away. Beth handed me
the can and I put it back into her purse. I set her purse on the seat
between us.

I reached over and tapped on the side of the fishbowl to see if the
would swim to where the tapping was coming from. They did, and I let my
hand drop to my niece's knees, resting it on them. Her knees were
together tightly, in order to support the fishbowl.

I felt the rough material of my niece's white cableknit tights. It felt
warm and smooth. Beth looked at me with a serious look on her face. I
squeezed her one knee with my hand. I started rubbing her knee through
her tights. I looked down and saw that she had made her one foot flex,
the one whose knee I was rubbing, and her shoe was hanging off of her
foot, exposing her heel. She wiggled her foot and her blue Skimmer came
completely off and fell onto the car floor. Her entire tights-covered
foot was exposed to my sight. My cock strained to the hilt on that. Her
little girl foot looked so sexy and dainty in mid-air with no shoe on.

"Can you put my shoe on for me, please, Uncle Robert?" my niece asked
nicely in her little girl voice.

I tried to reach for her lost shoe but my seat belt held me back. I
deftly unbuckled it and, free of the confines, leaned forwards and was
down. I retrieved her shoe and gently slipped it back onto her foot.

"Thank you," Beth said sweetly and I sat back up.

"You have very pretty legs, Beth," I told her, again putting my hand on
her knee and squeezing it.

"I'm just a little girl," she said, demurely.

"That doesn't matter. You still have nice, soft, sexy legs."

I ran my hand down over her knee and down the front of her leg, feeling
the tights material covering it. I loved the feel of it! I brought my
hand back up and moved it up her leg now, to stop at the fishbowl on

I moved my hand to the side of her leg, pushing her dress up on the
side, like she did before, and began scratching her there at her hip
"Does it still itch?" I asked my niece.

"No, Uncle Robert. But it feels good when you rub it."

Beth sat there holding the fishbowl on her lap. I continued stroking
tights-covered leg and thigh on the side. As I rubbed her thigh on the
outside, my cock pulsed and pounded with blood in my pants. My cock
throbbed with hardness and lust.

Beth lifted her body up from the car seat and let me push her blue
all the way back and free from underneath her. She sat back down,
sitting on the car seat with just her cableknit tights pressing onto
seat. How sexy can you get?

I could now see the top of her cableknit tights where the elastic
waistband hugged her trim waist. Her sexy ass rounded out on the seat.
Nice. I longed to see her tights-covered crotch but the fishbowl was
hiding it. I ran my hand up the side of her thigh, back to her rear
where I reached behind her and cupped her one ass cheek through her
white cableknit tights.

I slid over to sit next to Beth, close. I put my hand in between her
legs at the knees, and began rubbing the insides of her thighs. The
fishbowl stopped my hand from going any further.

"Do my legs turn you on, Uncle Robert?" my niece suddenly asked me,
surprising me.

She was looking right into my eyes. I could see her green eyes staring
back at me.

"Uh, yes, they do, Beth," I told her truthfully. "But, um, how do you
know about things like that?" I asked her.

"Mommy says that her legs turn you on when you see her come out of the
house dressed in a dress and pantyhose," my niece told me.

"Oh she does, does she?" I said.

"Yes, and she says that you get all excited when you see her dressed
like that, too," Beth admitted.

"Is that so?" I said.

"Are you excited now, Uncle Robert?" my niece asked me, all

"Um, yeah, Beth, I am."

"Is your thing hard?" my niece asked suddenly.

"W-what?" I sputtered.

"Is your thing hard?" she asked again.

"You mean my penis?" I asked her back.

"Uh-huh," Beth said, nodding.

"Yes, it's very hard," I told her, not sure of how we came to this
so quickly.

"Let me see it!" my niece said, smiling at me precociously.

This little minx, I thought to myself. Just what exactly has my sister
been telling my niece about me and our sexual banterings? But that was
neither here nor there. For the moment, I was going with the flow.

I took my hand from my niece's thigh and sat back. My cock thrust my
pants up in the middle like a tent.

My niece look at this and said, "Wow, I'll say it's hard!"

I unzipped my pants and parted them. My erection thrust my cotton
out through the opening. I made my cock pulse and it moved on its own,
making Beth say, "Wow, that was neat!"

She still sat there holding her fishbowl.

"Take it out, Uncle Robert," she said.

I parted the folds of my shorts and my naked cock popped erect,
straight out. Beth gasped when she saw it, then began to study it. It
throbbed and pulsed as she ran her eyes up and down its length.

"Can you - can you, um - play with your thing - um, your penis - while
watch?" my niece asked me hesitantly.

I looked at little Beth. My little 8-year-old niece. The little minx.

"Only if you do something for me," I told her.

"What?" she asked.

"Take your shoes on and off. That really gets me hot."

"So that's what you were looking at while we were driving," Beth said.
"I had my shoes partways off, didn't I?"

I nodded yes.

"Okay," my niece said, "go ahead."

I lay back against the car seat and looked down at Beth's feet hanging
above the car's floor. She began by pulsing her foot muscles, a little
bit at a time. I started stroking my cock up and down with my fist. It
felt so damn good! My niece made her light blue Skimmers come off of
feet, slapping them against her soles again. I stroked my cock harder
this action. Beth kicked her shoes off completely now, wiggling her
tights-covered toes for my enjoyment. I pounded my cock with my fist.
She reached down with her feet and toed into her Skimmers,
bringing them back up off of the floor again but still hanging halfway
off of her feet.

She put one foot on top of the other and pushed her one shoe off,
letting it fall to the floor again. She wiggled her other shoe on her
tights-covered foot before sending that one falling to the floor to
her other shoe.
This was too much for me to bear and I felt myself getting ready to
shoot my load.

"Oh, God, Beth, you're making me come! Your feet are making me come!

I exploded into the air, spurt after spurt of come flying from the tip
of my cock, while my niece watched with wonderment. I stroked and
my cock until I was drained. It slowly deflated, once again limp, but
still hanging outside my pants through the opening in my cotton shorts.

"Wow, that was so neat!" Beth said, smiling.

Her hand came away from the fishbowl and I felt her touch my limp cock.
She rubbed it, feeling the head. Her hand rubbed my come into my cock.
She sat there with her shoeless feet hanging in the air, her white
cableknit tights covering them, rubbing my penis.

I moved even closer to Beth's side, turning sort of sideways, and
managed to let my cock brush against her cableknit tights on the side
her leg. I began moving my hips and rubbing my cock against the
of her white tights.

The combination of the feel of her tights against my cock and her small
hand stroking me caused my cock to begin to swell and grow again.

"Look, Uncle Robert, it's getting hard again," my niece said, watching
as her small hand was filling with my rapidly-inflating cock.

Although I had just come, the scene and moment was so intense that my
body reacted in direct opposite of what was mechanically impossible.
That's how turned on I was!

As Beth stroked me, my cock grew into another full erection in her
She held it tightly in her hand as my cock erected. While she was
squeezing my full erection, I was stretching down and playing with her
tights-covered feet.
I was rubbing her dainty toes, her instep, her soles and her heels
through her white cableknit tights.

"I want to do it this time," my niece said, and she began using her
to masturbate my cock.

As Beth played with my cock, I was putting my hands beneath her rump
cupping and molding her tights-covered ass cheeks. I was squeezing
firm globes and loving the feel.
Beth brought her one leg up and crossed it over her knee, the fishbowl
still safely anchored on her lap, her tights-covered foot pointing
at me.

The tip of my erection touched the sole of her foot, and she began to
rub the bottom of her foot over the head of my cock. It felt like

Beth continued to stroke my cock with her hand as her foot rubbed over
the head of my cock.
I could feel the next load of come boiling in my balls and I knew I'd
erupt once again.

"Here it comes again, Beth! Oh my God, I'm gonna shoot again, oh, God,

My come shot from the tip of my cock, although not as forceful as
before. I came all over the bottom of my niece's foot and her hand
milked me for all the come left in my balls. Beth pumped my cock until
the shots of come stopped, and then when my cock was wilted once more,
she caressed it with her sticky tights-covered foot. Oh God!

I got some towels out of the glove compartment and wiped off her foot
and her leg where some of my come had spattered. I put my limp penis
back in my shorts and shut my pants. I bent down and slipped my niece's
Skimmers back onto her feet, but not before bestowing some final
caresses to them. She smoothed her blue dress back down and covered her
bottom and sat back down on the car seat the way she was when she first
got into my car.

I got back behind the wheel and started the car.
I pulled back out onto the main road and continued driving towards my
mother's house.
Beth was quiet on the rest of the drive but I was mentally reviewing my
day and my options. It was just going on 9:30 so I wouldn't be able to
make my first client appointment. That wasn't a problem. My problem was
my niece and what we just did together. Actually, what she let me do to
her and what she did to me. I had wanted desperately to see her
tights-covered crotch and maybe even rub it, on the outside of her
tights and maybe even underneath them. If my sister was serious in her
allegations of a fun night, maybe I'd be able to somehow get Beth
involved with our fun. My God! Now that's be something.

I pulled in front of my mother's house and Beth leaned over and kissed
me on my cheek. She climbed out of my car gingerly, taking care not to
spill the fishbowl.

She leaned in the window and said, "I'll tell mommy that we had lots of
fun and then she'll want to have fun with you, too, Uncle Robert!"

And with that my niece smiled sweetly and turned around and headed for
her Grandmother's front door.

Somehow I knew that tonight would be loaded with lots of fun.

The End
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