STORY: Daddy's Little Cocksucker (Mg,ped,inc,1st,oral)
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2006-06-01 00:40:50 UTC
Daddy's Little Cocksucker (Mg, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

by Bad Daddy (***@earthlink.net)
Quick edit by Jason


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and does not depict real
characters or people.

Dad teaches daughter how to please him. (Mg, ped, exh, inc, reluc, 1st,


When I turned 7 years old, Daddy told me it was time
for me to learn about sex. So he gave me a couple of
picture books to look at. One was called, "SHOW ME." It
was kind of nasty. It had pictures of all kinds of
people with no cloths on, Naked grown-ups and little
kids, like my age and even smaller. The other picture
book was called "DADDY'S LITTLE COCK SUCKER." It was
real, really nasty!

Both the books showed men's things, you know... the
things between their legs. They were really big, and
they had things hanging below them with hair all around
them, too. I'd never seen a real man's thingy before,
just little baby's thingies.

The "COCK SUCKER" book, the real nasty one. It had
pictures of this little girl, about my age, with her
daddy's thing in her mouth, they called it "cock
sucking." I couldn't think of why, his little girl
would put her daddy's thing into her mouth, cause
that's what he pees out of. The pictures were real

Daddy told me to go into my bedroom, take off all my
cloths, including my undies and read and look at the
picture books. I asked him why I had to take my cloths
off, he just said, "Just do what I say and you'll see."

I did what daddy told me to do. When I looked at the
nasty, cocksucker book, it made me feel kind of funny
inside. This book was so nasty. The little girl really
put her daddy's thing in her mouth. One picture showed
some stuff spraying out of his thing into the girl's

At first I thought he was peeing into her mouth, but
this stuff was white and looked thick. They called it,
"Cum and Sperm." It said her daddy was shooting his
sperm into his little girl's mouth and she was
swallowing his cum. His thing, they called it a "Cock",
was real big and stuck straight out. She also sucked on
the hairy things that hung below his cock. They called
them his "Balls".

There were also pictures of the daddy between the
little girls legs and it looked like he was licking or
kissing her peepee. The called her peepee her "Pussy."
The last page of pictures showed the daddy laying on
top of the little girl with his cock in her pussy. They
called that "Fucking." It looked like his cock was too
big for the little girls pussy. I bet that fucking
thing really hurt.

I knew it was nasty to look at the pictures of the
little girl sucking her daddy's cock, but it made me
feel funny between my legs, you know, what they called
my pussy. I mean kind of funny good.

I was just sitting there on the bed with no cloths on,
enjoying looking at the pictures when daddy came into
my room. I closed the nasty "Cock Sucker" book, real
quick and pulled the sheet up to cover myself. I yelled
at daddy, "Daddy, I don't have any cloths on."

My daddy hadn't seen me with no cloth sense I was real
little, like 4 or 5.

Daddy said, "It's alright, baby! Part of learning about
sex is seeing each other naked." He walked over and
pulled the sheet away from me. I put my hands down to
cover my pussy, but he pulled them away and told me to
open my legs apart.

I did what he said, but it made me fell real funny when
I seen daddy was looking straight at my open pussy. He
said, "I don't want you to be embarrassed, sitting
there naked all alone." Then he opened his robe.

Daddy didn't have anything on under his robe either.
His thing, I mean cock, was real long and hung down way
below his hairy balls. It kind of twitched and started
to get bigger as I looked at it.

Daddy took his robe all the way off. Daddy had all
kinds of hair all over his body. When he turned to sit
next to me, I even saw his butt. It had hair on it too.
Daddy's cock just kind of laid across his leg. The more
I looked at it, the more it seemed to grow.

Daddy asked me what I thought of his cock. I didn't
know what to say. He asked me, "Do you think, daddy has
a big cock?"

I just nodded my head yes.

Then Daddy said, "Becky, I want you to know that
daddy's cock belongs to you now. You can look at it any
time you want and even play with it, kind of like the
way the little girl in the book played with her daddy's
cock." He asked would I like that?

I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and looked down at
my feet, kind of embarrassed about the thought of
seeing my daddy's cock and doing what the little girl
in the book did to her daddy's cock.

Then Daddy reached over and took my hand and put it on
top of his cock. I just let it lay there. Than he said,
"Go ahead, hold it."

I slowly and casually opened my hand and wrapped my
fingers around his cock. It was too big to get my
fingers all the way around. As soon as I did this, it
kind of jumped and made me pull my hand away. Daddy
said, "It's ok, go ahead, daddy's only getting a hard-
on, because such a pretty little sexy girl is touching
his cock."

I grinned and placed my fingers around his cock again.
By this time it was sticking up, getting real big and
kind of hard. It started to kind of throb in my hand as
it continued to grow. Daddy told me to move my hand up
and down on his cock, kind of pull on it. As I did, it
felt funny, cause the skin moved with my hand and the
inside was stiff and hard. He told me to touch, what he
called his "cock head" with my other hand. It was soft
and spongy, not hard like the rest of his cock.

Daddy started to moan. At first I thought I was hurting
him, but than he told me, "No honey, it feels so good
having my little girl jack me off." Than he told me I
had better stop for a minute or I was going to make him
cum. I let go of his cock and he stood up.

Golly, his cock stood almost straight up and bobbed as
it throbbed. It must have been about 8 or 9 inches
long. It had squiggly veins running the full length of
it and his mushroom shaped cock head was a deep purple
and had a drop of clear stuff coming out the hole on
the tip.

Daddy asked me, "Do you want daddy to teach you how to
suck his cock?" Again I didn't know what to say. I was
kind of scared of daddy so I didn't want to stay, No,
Besides I wondered what it would be like, you know,
doing the nasty things like in the book. So I
reluctantly said, "I guess so."

"That's my big girl. You know most little girls don't
learn to suck cock until their around 15 or 16 years
old. With you being only 7 and learning how to suck
cock is going to make you special." When daddy said I
was going to be special, it made me feel almost grown
up like I was 12 or something.

Daddy laid down on the bed with his elbows propped up
so he could look down. He told me to climb on the bed
and lay between his open legs. Than he told me to warp
both of my hands around his cock and start to pump it
up and down, like I did before. The clear stuff started
to leak out the tip of his cock head down onto my
fingers. It made his cock kind of slippery. Then he
told me to lick the tip of his cock head with my

I looked up at him a told him it had pee or something
coming out of it and it would get on my tongue and
maybe into my mouth. He said that it wasn't pee it was
"Pre-cum", a kind of baby juice, and big girls liked to
lick it and suck it out of men's cocks.

I reluctantly stuck my tongue out and touched it to the
top of daddy's cock. That made Daddy groan, "Oh, yes
baby! Lick daddy's big hard cock with you little girl
tongue." I continued to lick it, at daddy's urging and
I accidentally licked a drop of the "baby juice".

Ewwww! It tasted really salty! I wanted to wipe it off
my tongue, but I knew daddy would be hurt if I did. I
pulled him some more and some more juice came out. At
his urging, I licked it again, this time it wasn't so
bad, but it was still pretty salty. Then I licked his
cock head all over, and while I continued to pull on
daddy's cock and a lots more stuff started to leak out.

Daddy said, "Baby, give daddy a blow job, suck daddy's

I remembered a "Blowjob" was what they called it when
the little girl put her mouth over her daddy's cock in
the book. So, I opened my mouth wide and put it over
the head of daddy's cock. Daddy's cock head was really
big and I had to stretch my mouth really wide.

Daddy groaned when my lips touched him down there. I
looked up at him and saw he was looking down at me. He
had a smile on his face and his eyes looked dreamy. I
lowered my mouth down and had his whole cock head in my
mouth. It was so big, it filled my mouth up and I could
only breath through my nose.

Then I started moving my mouth up and down, while
sucking on the tip and I heard daddy groan again. I
really liked hear my daddy groan like that and I kind
of like the way he felt in my mouth, so I started to
move my mouth up and down, faster.

Then I began to wriggle my tongue around and around and
daddy started to moan real loud. I knew daddy was
enjoying what I was doing, so I continued to move my
mouth up and down over the end of his cock.

To my utter surprise, I felt daddy's hand grab the back
of my head, he was grabbing my hair and pushing his
hips back and forth, shoving himself toward my face.
His cock began sliding in and out of my mouth, really
hard and deep. Faster and faster! I kept pulling him
with one hand while his cock moved in and out of my
mouth. A few times he hit the back of my mouth and made
me gag but I didn't pull away. Once the tip of his cock
went all the way to the back of my throat! That time he
almost made me choke.

Daddy really must have liked what I was doing, because
he was moaning really loud now and pushing hard against
my face. He was grinding himself against my face when
suddenly his body started to shake and his cock started
to throb hard in my mouth. I heard him cry out, "OH
GOD, I'm cumming!! Drink daddy's cum baby, drink it

I felt something squirt into my mouth! I knew, from
what daddy had told me that he was "cumming". He was
shooting his spermy things into my mouth. I did what
the daughter did in the book and I started to swallow
his "spermy cum stuff". It was hot and sticky with a
salty bitter taste. I really didn't like it at all. It
was more salty a bitter than the clear stuff! It really
tasted yucky. But I knew daddy would get mad at me if I
didn't drink it like he told me to do.

Daddy continued to shoot the spermy stuff in my mouth
for what seemed like forever. There was a real lot of
it and I tried to swallow as much as I could, but I
could feel some of it dripping out the corners of my

I kept sucking daddy's cock till it started to get
smaller. His hand was still in my hair holding me
against him, then finally he lifted my face from his
thingy. It looked funny, it was all floppy and wrinkled
and kept getting smaller and smaller as I watched.

"OH MY GOD!" he gasped, "You nasty little girl. You're
a GREAT little good cocksucker. Did you swallow all of
daddy's cum? Let me see!"

I opened my mouth wide so he could see some of his cum
that was still stuck on my tongue, then closed my mouth
and swallowed.

"Does daddy's cum, taste good?" he asked.

I nodded my head, and said, "Yes." (Of course, it
really tasted awful, but I knew daddy wanted me to like
his cum stuff so I lied) I smiled and said, "Did you
like the way I did it, daddy?"

He finally let loose my hair and said, "Yes baby, now
suck on daddy's balls till my cock gets hard again, so
I can lick your pussy and I can cum in your mouth
again." I didn't really know what daddy meant, but
licking my pussy sounded nasty.

I did as I was told. I rolled over on top of Daddy and
began to lick and suck on daddy's ball things. The hair
from his balls kept getting stuck in my throat, making
me want to cough.

I lifted one of Daddy's balls, the big one. Out of
curiosity, I wanted to see his butt hole. It had hair
all around it and it was all red a puckered.

Daddy saw I was looking at his butt hole and he said,
"You nasty little girl. You like looking at daddy's ass
hole do you? Why don't you lick it!"

"What!?" I said, totally amazed by what he'd suggested.

Daddy said, "You heard me, I said lick my ass." He said
it like he meant it and I knew he would get mad if I
didn't. So I closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue and
softly licked it.

Daddy told me to lick it again, so I did. As I licked
it the second time he pushed my head down and my tongue
went into his butt hole. I pulled away. It didn't taste
like I thought it would. I thought it would taste like
poop, whatever poop tasted like. It tasted just bitter,
so I wiped my tongue real hard on the sheet.

Daddy laughed and said, "You really are a nasty little
girl, licking her daddy's asshole."

By now, Daddy's thing was hard again. He told me to
crawl up on top of his belly, with my feet toward his
head. I knew that this was real nasty, because I knew
that daddy could look right up into my butt and pussy
holes and Daddy's cock thingy was pointing right at my
face. I knew what Daddy wanted, so I took hold of his
cock thingy with both hands and pulled it into my mouth
and started to suck on the head again.

Daddy started to moan again and than he grabbed my butt
and spread my cheeks apart. Then I felt something warm
and wet down there. WOW! Daddy was licking me with his
tongue. I dropped his cock from my mouth and tried to
turn to see what he was doing, but he firmly pushed my
head back down to his cock, so I started to suck it

Then Daddy's tongue started to lick all over my pussy.
He even stuck his tongue into my butt hole and started
to lick me there and suck on it too. It felt really
funny but really good, too. Then I felt him push his
tongue inside my pussy and he sucked on me real hard.
It felt like I was going to pee into his mouth, but
kind of different, good different, but I was worried, I
didn't think Daddy wanted me to pee just then.

Suddenly my pussy started to tingle and I felt like I
was really going to pee this time, I couldn't help it.
But instead I felt something really, really GOOD! My
body started to shake all over, at the same time, Daddy
shot into my mouth again. This time my mouth was open
because I was moaning.

A lot of daddy sperm stuff dripped out of my open
mouth, I couldn't swallow, I could do anything except
lie there in shock at the intense feelings I was
receiving from Daddy's tongue.

Finally when my pussy stopped tingling, and by body
quieted down a little, I went back to sucking Daddy's
cock again, I wanted to thank him for what he'd done to
me. I sucked and sucked until it started to get

Daddy told me afterward, that what we had just done
what was call a "69", oral sex. He told me what I had
experienced when he licked my pussy, was an orgasm,
just like a big girl would. He said that it was how he
felt when I made him cum with my mouth.


Now, Daddy licks my pussy and I suck his cock lots of
times, just about every day. Really, we do it 3 or 4
times a day. He says that when I'm 9 or 10 he'll put
his cock in my pussy and fuck me. He says that I'll
really like that.

I can't wait to feel what fucking feels like! I just
hope it doesn't hurt.

Moron Asylum
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