STORY: Daddy's Little Girls (M,g,incest,pedo,cons,oral)
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2006-06-03 07:46:42 UTC
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Daddy's Little Girl

I finished my shower... and turned to leave the shower, when
Daddy entered the room ... I looked at him in surprise as I had been
taking care
of my own drying for years now ... but while I started toweling dry my
hair he
just watched ... I felt kinda funny, but after all, this was My Daddy
... when I
reached for a towel to start on my body Daddy took it and told me to
let him do
it ... so I did, I mean, he is my Daddy, and I love him, and trust him,
so why
not? ... he rubbed my body until it tingled all over and was a rosy
pink ...
then he took my hand and lead me into my bedroom where my nightie was
laid out
waiting for me ... I reached up to give him a hug and a kiss to thank
him for
his help ... but he turned his face so that my kiss landed on his lips
... his
kiss lingered... it was frightening ... but also exciting ... I pulled
back he
seemed to understand what I was feeling... then offers to rub baby
powder into
my skin ... "But Daddy, I m not a *baby*!" I giggle... but he told me
that it
would make me feel good and dry ... so I said "okay" ... He told me to
lie on my
stomach so I laid down on my bed ... at first unsure ... but after
awhile it
just felt so nice so I relaxed ... after all, this is my Daddy .. he
hurt me ... his hands wandered over my back and down my legs ... then
playfully spanked my behind ... and when I protested a little he
reminded me
that he was my Dad ... and that this was just a game that he and I have
it often before ... he spanked me again ... and I tried to escape ...
not very
hard as it was fun ... then the spanking turned into something else ...
feels good Daddy! more please ... oohhhhh!!" He was stroking me ...
then he
reached down and started licking and kissing my bottom ... strange how
affects me ... I never can figure out why his touching me there causes
me to
feel so warm all over... makes me yearn for what only Daddy can give me
... I
squirmed with the feelings he always caused inside of me ... so warm
... getting
wet ... wet and hot ... I want! Then all of a sudden he turned me over
... Ohhhh
God! His tongue was caressing and torturing me ... it was running over
my warm,
wetness ... his hands were on my little breasts ... squeezing them and
them with his fingertips ... and I was going wild with wanting him ...
I was not
sure what I felt... or how I wanted him. Then his fingers took the
place of his
tongue... driving me completely insane with a strange intense hunger
... why
does he affect me this way?' ... is this right? ... does every little
girl get
this pleasure from her Daddy? .. He told me was our special loving ...

"Honey, I want to kiss you," he whispered to me ... looking at me with
love and
something else in his eyes... "Let me kiss you Baby, it'll be all
right. Daddy
loves his little girl." "Oh Daddy!!!! I love you SO much!" and I
reached my lips
to his ... his lips firm against my own ...and as I did, he ran his
arms around
my body and pulled me close to him ...so close I could feel him hard
against my
stomach ... "Daddy?" I pleaded, "Please ... what are you doing?"

"Baby, I don't want to hurt you ...but your pussy feels so good ... and
I want
to fuck you so much!! You know that I love you, don't you Honey?" "Oh
Daddy!!! And I do love you!" Without another word my Daddy moved up
against me
and placed his very hard penis at the entrance between my legs ... he
pleased with me when I didn't pull away... he slowly entered me ... I
know what to do... it did feel good but so big!! But he kissed me and
slowly while we rocked together in a strange and lovely rhythm as our
pressed together ... we rocked and moved faster and faster until Daddy
against me, then he moaned and I could feel his body shiver as he
moving, thrust deep inside me, holding me very tightly... I could feel
inside of me it felt hot and made me feel funny, my heart was pounding
in my
chest. "Oh Baby!! You're wonderful." he said to me. I'm flying up in
the clouds
somewhere, my Daddy loves me, and needs me, and I make him happy. He
wrapped his
arms about me, pulled the covers up over both us and we drifted off to
Daddy and His Little Girl!

2006-06-03 07:51:38 UTC
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