STORY: A Pretty Young Girl Named Kelly (Mg,pedo,cons,preg)
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2006-05-29 18:56:22 UTC
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The following story is about a young man and a sexual encounter
with a pre-teen girl. If this type of story is offensive to you,
I urge you not to read it.

(Mg, cons, pedo, preg?)

A Young Girl Named Kelly

I was about 20-years-old at the time. We were having a
confirmation party for my little sister. We had a bunch of
people over the house for the party. There was a lot of family
there and my sister had a few friends over as well. One of her
friends, Joey, was there and he had the cutest little sister
named Kelly. I had never met her prior to this, but she was very
cute and I was almost immediately attracted to her. She was 12,
from what I understood and very pretty. Our interaction was
light at first. I said "hi" at first. Then later, we were
getting food and she was right in front of me so I was talking to
her a bit. Nothing big, just small talk, but she was at least
talking back and seemed happy I was talking to her. Maybe it was
just my imagination, but I thought I saw her throw me a few
smiles. This could mean nothing, but I felt like maybe, just
maybe there was a mutual attraction there between us.

So, we ate with some of the other younger people in our finished
basement. We just ate and watched TV. But I happened to end up
sitting next to her on the couch. A bit of a coincidence
honestly, but I was glad to just be sitting next to this
beautiful young girl that I was already falling for. After we
ate, people started moving around. People went to mingle and
chitchat. I wanted to take a minute and digest so I just stayed
sitting there. I noticed Kelly kind of hung around. She wasn't
sitting right next to me anymore, but she was still on the same
couch. After a little while, I was very aware that at this
point, only Kelly and I were left in the basement. The TV was
still on, but I kept looking at her out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to her and gave a little smile.

"Everyone left I guess," I said.

She smiled back, "yup, they did," was all she said. I smiled and
nodded. I kept looking at her and just nodding, not knowing
where this was going at all. She was smiling at me, but in a
different way, it almost seemed lustful, at least I thought.

"So, what are we going to do now?" I said just hoping for some

She smirked even more and said, "I have an idea." Then she slid
over next to me. She leaned over me and was suddenly moving in
to kiss me. I wasn't sure what to do. As I said, I was really
falling for this young girl, but anyone would come down and I
knew that. But it happened fast and our lips met. I kissed her
back, suddenly engulfed by her hot little mouth. We kept
kissing. This shy smiling girl was suddenly making out hardcore
with me and it was great. I was feeling her body while we
kissed. Nothing major at first, I just rubbed my hands over her
upper body. I couldn't believe this was happening, but I was so
caught up in her beauty and the moment, I felt the need to seize
this opportunity. I may never get another one like it with her.
I pulled away, which wasn't easy.

"Kelly, honey...mmmphhh, mmmphhh." Then she finally broke away
and looked at me curiously. "Kelly, you want to do it honey?" I
said surprised at myself for asking. She knew exactly what I was
asking her. She turned her head and looked up the stairs toward
the door. I think she was realizing the same thing I was; this
may be a one-time opportunity.

She looked back at me and nodded a simple "yes". I was so happy.
I embraced her again. Once I had the ok, I moved pretty
quickly. I began to caress her hips and her lower half for the
first time. I wasted little time. I slipped my thumbs into her
waistband and started pulling her pants down. She sat up and
started to take her pants off. This was it; this little
12-year-old and I were going to have sex, right then and there.
She kicked off her pants, and then hesitated for a brief second
before sliding her underwear down. Her young pussy was still
hairless and it was the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever
seen. I meanwhile was taking my pants off to. We were both
naked from the waist down and she was looking at my cock just as
eagerly as I was at her gorgeous vagina. I looked at her again
and she was ready, just like I was.

She got up and threw one leg over me and straddled me on the
couch. Her pussy was right above my cock and I really couldn't
believe what I was about to do with this beautiful 12-year-old
all of a sudden.

"Oh Kelly, your so beautiful babe," I said. She smiled and
blushed, but still said nothing. She definitely wasn't a talker,
but she knew what she wanted. With that we turned our attention
back down to what we were about to do. She lowered her vagina so
that it was touching my cock. I rubbed the head on her pussy to
try and moisten it, so I could slide my cock into her.

"I hope no one sees us," I said to her as I realized how risky
this really was to be having sex right there with all our family
and friends upstairs.

"Yeah I know," she said nodding in agreement and giggling like
she was enjoying the risk of it all. With that, I nudged my cock
up and my head slipped into her vagina. Once she felt my head in
her, she looked at me like she wanted me to give the next word.

"Okay Kelly, here we go," I said.

With that she began to lower herself down and I began to push
myself up. My cock started sliding inside her. Slowly, I
watched it go deeper into her vagina. I felt her rather weak
hymen break as she came down on my cock. I guess she didn't have
as hard of an entrance as some girls do. It was funny feeling
Kelly lose her virginity sliding down my cock. It seemed so
unimportant because it went easily, but it felt like a big thing
to feel this 12-year-old's cherry pop right on my cock. Her
vagina slid rather easily down my cock. I gasped as I felt the
tight ring of her vagina engulf my cock. I held it still inside
her as she sat on my lap, with my cock buried to the hilt inside

After a moment or two, with my hands guiding her hips, she
started to move her vagina up and down my cock. She rose up and
sat down slowly, letting my cock slide in and out of her vagina.
She got herself to a steady pace, not really fast, but a good
steady movement on my cock. We both breathed heavily as we
fucked on the basement couch. I really couldn't believe we were
doing this. We really just started having sex out of nowhere it
seemed, I mean we still had our shits on. Also, anyone could
walk down at any moment and they would see me having sex with a
12-year-old girl. I mean, her parents and brother were right
upstairs and their little 12-year-old girl was downstairs having
vaginal sex with a 20 year-old guy. I held my arms around her as
she rode my cock. All this other stuff was second rate to the
wonderful sexual experience I was sharing with little Kelly.

"Ahhh, ohhh," I moaned repeatedly as I had sex with the little
pre-teen. It wasn't too long before I felt the pleasure in my
cock rising up. Kelly kept riding my cock with her tight
12-year-old vagina. With the thought in the back of mind that
someone could walk in on us at any moment, I wasn't too upset
that I was almost finished. I normally would've loved to have
sex with her for hours on end if possible, but it wasn't and
under these circumstances I was glad to be almost done.

With the 12-year-old riding my cock toward completion, I can't
say I really thought about cumming in her. I mean, I should say,
I never thought about not cumming in her. With the thought in my
mind that this wonderful sex had to end as soon as possible and
the intense pleasure I was feeling in my cock from her tight
12-year-old vagina, I was just doing it. I wasn't looking at
having sex with Kelly in segments; I was just having sex with her
until I was done and whatever came along with it. Of course I
knew I that I was getting close to shooting my sperm into Kelly's
vagina and probably shouldn't be doing that under any
circumstances. But, I was so overwhelmed at how good my cock
felt inside her.

Well, by then I was over the top in pleasure from her tight
vagina. I just kept on fucking the little sexy pre-teen until I
felt my cock suddenly tingling. I had no other choice now,
whether I wanted to or not. I grabbed little Kelly by the hips
and pulled her down as hard as I could and held my cock as deep
inside her as I could.

Then, before I could think anything else, I was cumming in
Kelly's vagina. I felt my sperm shooting inside her vagina. I
knew I definitely shouldn't be cumming in this 12-year-old girl,
but it was too late as I continued to pump my load into her
vagina. I just sat back and held her down on my cock as I filled
her pre-teen womb with my sperm. I mean, just being with this
little girl was great, kissing her was better, having sex with
her was even better, but I definitely didn't want to be making a
baby with her. But there was nothing I could do about it now; I
had blown my load deep inside her and we couldn't do anything
about it now.

I wondered if, in all this, she realized what had jus happened.
Did she know about sperm? Did she know that I just squirted my
sperm into her vagina? And did she know that she could get
pregnant with my baby. You never realize how much of a risk
you're taking in doing this. For the most part you think of sex
with a child as safe, at least as far as pregnancy goes, but a
12-year-old girl can be a very ripe and you never know. At this
point, all I could do as the guy was hope that the little
12-year-old girl that I had just shot my sperm into didn't get

I'll leave your imagination to figure out the rest.

The End
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