STORY: Daddy's Cunt (Mg,cons,ped,inc)
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2006-05-30 22:08:08 UTC
Daddy's Cunt

By Anonymous

Your secretary called you over the intercom to let you know that your
daughter was there to see you and then she showed me to your office.
You were not happy to see me do to the fact that I had very little on
and you had warn me many times about coming to your office looking like
a whore. I had a very short skirt on that barely covered my ass and a
very tight fitting blouse on! You could tell I had no bra on do to my
perky little nipples were showing through!

The first thing you said to me after the door shut behind me was,
"Little girl what have I told you about dressing like that?" And I
replied back with, "I know Daddy, but......" You would not even let me
finish. You told me that " No buts about it! You are only 16 and act
like a little slut and if you don't change then I am taking your car
and sending you to live with your mother!"

All I could say was" No daddy please don't send me away. I promise I
will be good. Please let me show you how good I can be!"

I walked over to your desk and I climbed on your lap and put my arms
around your neck! " Daddy I promise to be good". I tried to kiss you
but you pushed me away and told me that I needed to go home and that we
would talk about everything later.

Growing impatient, I grabbed my daddy's hand. "Feel me Daddy!... Feel
how hot I am for you!", I husked, shoving your hand between my smooth
young thighs. You quickly pulled away. With a moan, l pressed my
daddy's big, sweaty palm tightly against my eager young snatch. You
gasped at the contact, feeling the wetness of your daughter's hot
little cunt through the sheer fabric of her panties. You pulled your
hand away and said "No I can't do this you are my daughter". I then
stood up and removed my panties! I lifted my ass onto the edge of your
desk and spread my legs exposing my sweet young cunt! You pretended
that I wasn't even there! But I noticed the bulge forming rapidly in my
daddy's pants. I pulled my skirt up even more showing everything that
laid between my young thighs.

"Now daddy you don't have to pretend that you don't want to feel my
fuck hole with your big manly cock. I promise not to tell a soul". We
can't do this you replied. I love you daddy and I want to show you just
how good I can be! At this point you could not help yourself, you were
so aroused! You told me to get off you desk that I was being bad and
needed to be punished. You moved over to the couch and told me to come
bend over your knee. What are you gonna do Daddy, I asked.

"I'm gonna give you what you deserve, sweetheart. You've been a naughty
little girl and naughty girls need to be punished!", You ran your hand
along my ass then gave me a quick smack. OUCH!

"Spread your legs, honey... or I'll give you another one!", you
demanded. You ran your finger along my lips and you could not believe
how wet your little girl was as you slowly ran your finger across my
clit. Then letting your finger enter my pussy. I moaned as you finger
fucked me.

"Does it feel good baby?" you asked.

"My pussy just loves it Daddy, but it wants more than your
finger!!!" . Tell me what you want Daddy to give you! "Daddy, I can't
wait for you to stick your big ol' cock into my little pussy and fuck
me till I cum all over you!" Ohhhhh Daddy is gonna fuck you, but first
daddy thinks you should remove all your clothes!

At this moment you told me to stand up and remove ALL my clothes. I was
standing before and you could not believe how sexy your little girl had
become! I noticed you adjusting the hard on in your pants. I dropped to
my knees and I begin to unbutton your shirt as I found my way to your
lips. My lips met yours. Our lips fused together and our tongues began
to dance with excitement in each other's mouth. I looked into your
" Oh Daddy do you know how look I have fantasy about being your little
whore, your little cocksucker?".

Baby why don't you show Daddy just how good of a cocksucker you can be?
I begin kissing and licking you chest as my hand made its way down to
undo your belt. I then unbutton your pants and slowly unzipped them.
You felt my tongue teasing your nipple as I reached for your hard on. I
could not believe how big my daddy's cock was and I could not wait to
put his cock in my mouth. As I wrapped my hand around your cock you
felt my tongue teasing the head of your manhood. Around and around my
tongue went then down one side all the way to your balls as my hand ran
up and down your shaft. Licking and sucking your balls into my mouth,
then back up to the head of your manhood as I slowly took you in my
mouth inch by inch until I could feel my daddy's cock on the back of my
throat. "What a good little cocksucker you are baby". "That's right
baby, take all of daddy in your mouth".

"You like sucking daddy's cock baby?". "Oh yes daddy I love having your
cock in my mouth but I think I am ready to have you in my little
pussy". "Ok baby, but first thing is first."

You then picked me up and moved me over to your desk. Spread my legs
and pulling my ass to the edge of your desk. You then got on your knees
and I could feel your hands hold me thighs open so wide. Then, with a
moan of pure lust, you pushed your face right into your daughter's
lewdly open crotch and began licking and slurping at my sweet little
slot. I arched my back and thrust my hips forwards as my daddy ran his
stiff tongue up and down my drooling slit. I was obviously enjoying my
father's mouth on my hot little cunt very much indeed.

"Mmmmmmm! Oh, yeahhh, Daddy! Lick me!" I moaned, looking down at my
daddy's mouth and lips on my tender pussy.

Then using your thumbs to part my pussy lips as you slithered your
tongue as far up inside my tasty young cunt hole as you could. My
adolescent cunt-juice was delicious and there was plenty of it as I
rapidly approached my first orgasm.

"Oooooooooooh, yessssssssssssss" I hissed. "You're making me cum Daddy!
You're making me cummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!"

You sucked my clit more vigorously as you felt your daughter's climax
peak and my high-pitched little cries of lust stopped for several long
seconds as the intense pleasure of orgasm literally took my breath
away. My back was arched and my head was flung back, my whole body
shuddered with the spasms of hot ecstasy which shot up and down my
tingling spine.

As I came down from my incredible high, I noticed my daddy was not
crouched between my spread thighs anymore. You were standing in front
of me holding your massively thick cock in your fist, jerking the shaft
slowly as you stared at my body hungrily. My thighs were widely parted
and my cunt-slit still gaped open invitingly, dripping pussy-juice onto
the shiny surface of your desk.

"Oooooooh, Daddy!", I smiled dreamily, "You sure have an big fat boner
there! What are you gonna do with it?"

"Daddy is gonna fuck his baby girl"

"Oh yes daddy fuck me please"

"Oh, Daddy, fill me up. Shoot your cum in your little girl."

You held me by the hips and hunched forwards, pulling your daughter
body onto your cock at the same time. My juice-slickened young ass slid
along the glassy desk-top stopping only when your cock was buried in my
tight hot little cunt hole to the hilt. I leaned back and lifted my ass
up, grinding my clit onto the base of your pulsing cock.

"Oh, God! Fuck! Uhhhh, shit!" I squealed shamelessly, looking down at
the long, stiff, glistening stalk of my daddy's cock stabbing into my
bulging, hairless little pussy. "Yessss! Fuck me!.... Fuck me, Daddy!
Fuck my cunt! Unnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhh, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddyy!!"

You could feel your swollen cock head slamming against your daughter's
cervix, the tip penetrating that tight little inner hole more and more
on every thrust as my slippery young cunt gripped my daddy pulsing cock
with incredible force. My hot little ass was bouncing on the desktop
and I was squealing loudly, but you kept fucking me, kept picking up
the speed of your slamming strokes, each thrust jerking my bodily,
making my tiny little tits jiggle and my tightly-packed cunt squelch
and suck up around your pounding cock!

Your sexy little daughter was almost beside herself with lust, hunching
my tiny twat hard up against you as you kept fucking your big, fat cock
deep up inside me. With a great deal of effort, you held back from
cumming, trying to last as long as you could in order to sustain the
deliciously tight grip of your daughter's hot, snug little cunt around
your powerfully fucking cock. But I was rapidly approaching my own

I was gasping and trembling, and you could feel the waves of pleasure
rippling through my little body. My mouth was open and my tiny jiggling
tits shook with each thrust.

"Ohhhhhh, shit, yeah!" I moaned, my hands going out to grapple your ass
cheeks and to squeeze them, "Fuck me hard, Daddy! I love it when you
fuck me really hard!"

Holding onto my smooth round buttocks, you continued to ram your cock
into your little daughter's up-thrust cunt. I had my legs wrapped
around my daddy's waist and my arms flung around your neck as your
massive cock slammed down into my young twat to a depth the I had never
known before, causing me to gasp and moan with pleasure.

"Ooooohh, Daddy!.. God! Yes, just like that! Fuck me hard! Ohhh, yes,

You were stretching my tight young twat to the limit. On each stroke,
my taut pink pussy lips clung to my daddy's cock shaft like a small,
sucking mouth. The lewd sight had a tremendously exciting effect on you
and despite being very close to orgasm yourself, you began to fuck your
cock into your daughter with deeper, harder thrusts.

Ohhhh, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Uhh! Uhh! I'm gonna cum any second!",
"Goddd!... Fuck meeee!... I love it!... Unnhnhnnnnhhhhh!"

You grabbed your whimpering daughter by the thighs and lifted my hot
little ass up off the desk, driving your plunging cock deep into my
squirming cunt as I came.

"Ooooooh, God! I'm cumming, Daddy! It feels so good!...Yes! Yes!

"Uhhhg! Jesus!... I'm coming too, baby!", shuddering and hunching your
cock deep up inside your squealing little daughter. "Uuuuuuuuuhh God,
up your cunt!... Cumming up your tight, sweet, little cunt, you
gorgeous little fuck!!!!...Arrrggghhh!"

My eyes fluttered wildly as my daddy's cock jerked inside me, filling
my quivering twat to the brim with load after load of hot, scalding

"Uuuuhh yesssss, give it to me Daddy!... Come in my cunt!!!" I
screeched, my little pussy convulsing around your throbbing prick.
"Cum, Daddy! Cummm!"

You filled my little cunt with a full load!

I put my arms around your neck "I love you Daddy"

You said" I love you to Baby girl and for now on that cunt is all mine"

I smiled "Yes Daddy all for you"

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2006-05-30 22:42:00 UTC